Dr. med. Ivan Seif

Lebensphasenmedizin für Frauen

Onkologisches Zentrum



Dr. Ivan Seif

The objective we strive for – to always be one step ahead of the progression of our patients’ individual illnesses – is what unites the top specialists for all organs in our oncological centre of excellence.
As far as we’re concerned, responsible oncology means approaching even the slightest suspicion of a concerning change in the body with a suitable therapy intervention to catch cancer in its earliest stages. This enables us, in a pleasingly high number of cases, to achieve success without the use of aggressive follow-up therapy or at least to keep it to an absolute minimum. We carry out the most up-to-date procedures thanks to our consultants at Okozent who are all employed in research alongside their daily work, allowing them to keep their finger on the pulse of current movements.

Not only do we react quickly, we listen intently to your needs, worries and your expectations of the care we provide. And we will always do whatever we can to find a way out of the illness together. Your way.

  • Top specialists for all organs in a united centre of excellence
  • Surgical procedures of international standard
  • Individually-customised additional therapy
  • Individual private consulting hours in the surgery of Dr. Ivan Seif
  • In-patient hospitals: Wiener Privatklinik (Vienna Private Clinic), Goldenes Kreuz, Rudolfinerhaus
  • Appointments by phone on +43 1 615 71 71 (Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 9:00pm) or by e-mail to ivan.seif@gynzentrum.com