Dr. med. Ivan Seif

Lebensphasenmedizin für Frauen

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Dr. Ivan Seif

Our photo gallery of babies born with our support is proof of our total commitment to mother and child. Every pregnancy is a joy to us and we will be there with you right from the miraculous moment of the first heartbeat (which you will be able to both see and hear) to birth. We’re here for you with guidance and support whenever you need us, as we can be contacted 24 hours a day at the Ärztezentrale Wien (Vienna Medical Centre) on +43 1 531 16.

Pregnancy consultation and support

  • Real time 3D ultrasound
  • Blood flow tests using the Doppler technique to monitor the child’s oxygen supply
  • Assistance at birth
  • Additional support during pregnancy from one of our team’s midwives if required
  • Special attention for high-risk pregnancies and gestational diabetes
  • Alternative medicine (TCM, osteopathy, acupuncture) with highly-trained specialists